Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sightings: X

Sighting's: X is a reader (x2) submitted sighting (Yay, readers!) that occurred whilst your humble blogger slept this morning (in case you've missed it, I work the vampyr shift...;P). It also appeared on the 'cooler, as this post:

Matthews & Matthews

Got an email this morning from someone who actually watches MSNBC.

Jim Matthews (R-sort of) Endorses Chris Matthews (D-Tingly for Obama) against Senator Arlen Specter (R-mostly) for Senate in 2010.

Is this really a surprise? C’mon.

King James was sighted on MSNBC's "the Morning Joe" doing the unthinkable...well, maybe not so unthinkable, now that he has formed his alliance with the democrats in Montco.

Jim Matthews, supposed Republican, endorsed a democrat for state senator. Jim sat with his brother, Chris Matthews and heartily suggested that Mr. Tingles would be a better candidate than longtime republican senator Arlen Specter in the 2010 election.


For any sitting Republican to promote the candidacy of a democrat, including his brother, mind you, is ludicrous, not to mention just downright subversive to the party in general.

For the record, one of my family members, a democrat, would not support me (openly) in my failed run for supervisor in Whitemarsh...that's what partisan politics is all about-not helping the other side win!

It's a fact that Jim is "sleeping with the enemy". That King James the Turd should be allowed to attend any Republican function, knowing that he may share information with the presumed senatorial '10 challenger, is paramount to being in concert with a traitor.

It's now time for all good Republicans to shun, nay, refuse to allow Jim Matthews, King James the Turd, attendance to any and all Republican political events.

Stay away, Jim...we don't want you anywhere near us, lest the stink not wash away.

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