Sunday, September 21, 2008

On The Road, revisited (With a Sighting)

Jim Maza ($90,000) and Barry Miller ($135,000), the two reasons for the Hoeffel/Matthews deal, arrive together to the Commissioners "On The Road" meeting in Schwenksville.

Hoeffel comes in right behind them. Jimbo comes in right behind Hoeffel. They all had dinner together beforehand at Cedars Pub (A SIGHTING). Do I smell another "sunshine act" violation here?

Jimbo and Joe take their BFF positions next to each other.

Oh, who is Barry talking to?

None other than Jane Markley, the former Clerk of Courts who he, Jimbo and Joe accused of illegally transferring $750,000 before she left office from her Clerk of Courts automation fund to the county's coffers. Jimbo and Joe voted to return that money to the Democrat Clerk of Courts, Ann Thornburgh Weiss.

Stay tuned for the next installment of "On The Road", details to come as soon as it is scheduled.


Anonymous said...

Crying over Jim Matthews for some reason does not look like a good strategy for this November. Maybe you're Republican cronies can defeat Mike Gerber? I doubt it!! Really you're boys should try and help Moyer in Norristown. There will be a Democratic Tsunami coming out of Norristown in November, and Jay Moyer will just be flotsam. So keep harping about Jim Matthews, it just doesn't matter.

Bill Shaw said...

Oh, dear anonymous one, we're not crying...we're just making his life as miserable as we possibly can...

See, we want him to become one of you guys.

He's already a backstabbing, petty, vindictive a$$hole...all he has to do is change his registration to "d", and the transformation will be complete.

Anonymous said...

And its "your" not "you're." Two grammatical errors in a short must be a Democrat who was graded in school on a "curve.".

Bill: keep up the Matthews truth telling sessions. People need to constantly be reminded what a "turd" the guy is so they don't backslide into complacency. Matthews (along with that half wit Ken Davis and the felon Bob Asher) has done everything he can to betray the party and the people and hand over control of county government to the Democrats. He is a traitor with no intergity and should be ashamed of himself. But as he is a pathological liar, he has no shame.

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