Monday, September 22, 2008

King James Declares A Freeze On Hiring, Citing the False "Recession"

Maybe he just needs to fire a few of his closest and dearest friends from their public-assisted job services program?

It seems that Montgomery County is in a bit of a pickle. Just 9 short months ago, former Commissioner (and State Treasurer candidate) Thomas J. Ellis left our county with a $90,000,000 surplus.

So, where has the money gone?

How about to Joe Hoeffel's (Turd assisted) cronyism hirings, and King James' continuing county public assistance program for county solicitor Barry Miller and several others?

Not to mention the current liberal spending agenda that RINO commissioner KJ-TURD has bestowed his blessing upon, such as allowing for the hiring of staff in the clerk of courts office, when the office ran fine for years with the staff it had in place. He allows this, but mentions that the other rows will have to sue in court to do any hiring.

Just what I want to hear, if I have business in the courthouse, is that the people charged with keeping the courthouse safe (Sheriff John P. Durante) and the bad guys off the street (District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman) have to sue the county that they've sworn to serve and protect, to hire bodies if their office is grossly understaffed. And the clerk of courts office gets to hire unnecessary personnel, on KJIII's say so?


It's dem/rino cronyism at it's worst. It's the Turd's welfare program for unemployable friends. And it's a rotten shame that we have to pay the tab for these losers, through our real estate taxes.

Thank goodness we have Bruce Castor as our watchdog. Otherwise, we'd really be up the scatological creek without an implement of aquatic mobility.

Read all about it in Margaret Gibbons' article from today's Times Herald.

HT to Tony Phyrillas for the story, which was reported on his blog, "tonyphyrillas"


Anonymous said...

Matthews says there's a decline in new construction - wait a minute, didn't I read in the Times Herald a few days ago that non-residential construction was up? I see nothing but construction when I drive through Limerick, Upper Prov, etc. What planet is he from?

Bill Shaw said...

One could assume that his business, Keegan Mortgage, may be going through an economic downswing, as people really don't like to get involved in financial deals with liars.

No loans coming through his office=no new construction.

Turd math.

Pottstown Pete said...

A hiring freeze and a moratorium on travel by government employees...this sounds exactly like Gov. Rendell's policy instituted last week. At least Matthews is consistent--he follows directions/directives from Democrats, whether it is Hoeffel or Rendell. I am beginning to wonder whether Jim Matthews is trying to curry favor with Rendell to get Rendell to endorse Chris Matthews for US Senate in 2010.

Matthews (Jim and Chris) and Democrats...perfect together.

Anonymous said...

Also, Nutter. Matthews is a Dem. Period.

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