Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Case for Working Moms

In a post way back in March, I sparred a bit with Alex at the PAWaterCooler about Sarah Palin's ability to be an effective VeeP, given that she was very pregnant at the time (7 months).

The case I made is that good families make it work. My mom worked, my bride of 16+ years works, and her mom worked. For the most part, we come from fairly well-adjusted families, with some cracks in the proverbial china (but who's family doesn't have some "cracks"?).

What the looney-bin left would have you believe is that a woman has to make the choice between being mom or being a career woman. They can't seem to let the two meld into one super being, unless they are floating a woman candidate for some office...then all bets are off.

Sarah Palin has been on the receiving end of some very poisonous statements, ranging from the sublime to the utterly ridiculous. (I'm not going to repeat any of them here, as I have too much respect for the Palin family not to continue spreading conjecture)

And yet, when it was suggested (years ago) that Chelsea Clinton was pretty much raised by nannies, the moonbats went ballistic. That McCain even joked that she was the result of a relationship between the Hildebeast and Janet Reno was considered in such poor taste that Senator McCain spent months apologizing.

But, for some reason, even baby Trig is not immune to the lefty-loonies audacious attacks. There is a blog (started by a leftie called "the Daily Kos") that pokes fun at baby Trig's Down's Syndrome...it sickens me to no end that the lunatic fringe of the left, those who claim to be compassionate and caring, would stoop so low.

All this in an attempt to discredit a successful, working mom of five.

Where am I going with this? For starters, Gov. Palin grew up in the dawning age of feminism, raised in a traditional family, with traditional values. She pretty much missed the feminist demagoguery that permeates our public schools today. That these traditional values in which she was brought up are so inherently wrong, in the eyes of the dems, baffles me.

You see, even though my wife works, we share the responsibility of raising our children. It's not always a picnic for either of us, as I chose to work a shift that puts my kids first and my marriage a close second. But, one of us is always home with the kids. Not a sitter, not a nanny...a parent.

A. Parent. That's important.

We have a nice home, eat well, buy stuff, own several computers, a gaggle of musical instruments, an SUV, and a Minivan, and have a fairly active social life (scouts, orchestra, politics, etc.). We just don't need the expensive toys, like the Mercedes, the yacht, the summer home in the Hamptons...it'd be nice, but we don't need them at the expense of our children.

We're not rich and certainly do not "keep up with the Joneses". And yet, we live the "American Dream" every day!

There are so many accomplished women who are able to balance a family and a career, mostly with the support of their spouse and family. They, too, realize that it's not wrong to be successful and a mom. Unless, of course, you happen to be a Republican!

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