Friday, August 1, 2008

HT to The Save Ardmore Coalition...

for sending me this little gem, "because I'm so cool":

The Emerald Necklace Political "Atta Boy" Award?

Darth Vader is getting a new award? How is it he is the gift that keeps on giving? Why does he deserve this exactly? Because he no longer is a commissioner and no longer chairs the Montco GOP? Couldn't he just buy a condo in Symphony House instead?

Board of Commissioners
Regular Monthly Meeting
Date: 8/6/2008 7:00 PM
Location: Township Administration Bldg - 2nd Floor Board Room
75 East Lancaster Ave
Ardmore, Pennsylvania 19003-2323


Presentation – Kenneth E. Davis, Chair, Ad Hoc Open Space Committee, Emerald Necklace Award

Ya know, there are a lot more people deserving of recognition in this township and doesn't this just smack of political atta boys?

Wait until Writemarsh hears about this, huh?

(I wonder if he's ever received the "pearl necklace" award. I'm sure he'll stash this right in his murse, as it probably wouldn't fit around his neck with his popped collar.)

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