Sunday, August 24, 2008


Sadly, there was no sighting of King James the Turd at the MCRC family picnic. Today's entry is an official "non-Sighting".

Overheard by your humble blogger at the MCRC shindig was something to the effect of this:
(and I paraphrase)
Montco R: Hey, Jim...are you going to the MCRC picnic?

King James: I don't think so, I wasn't invited.
He wasn't invited? Heck, it was open to all Montco, right...ok...I guess he probably wasn't invited.

Oh, well. They weren't serving crow anyway.


Anonymous said...

It was open to all county Rs why were there only 70 or so people there?

Bill Shaw said...

Probably because it was on a Sunday afternoon, late in the summer, and people are still taking vacations and weekend getaways.

Also, if you were there, you'd have taken notice to the fact that people came and went all afternoon, your estimate of there being only 70 is greatly flawed.

In my estimation,( and I was there the whole time)there were close to 150-200 people that came and went during the afternoon...a far cry from 70.


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