Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sightings: VI

King James the Turd was sighted this week in Conshohocken, at a news conference pertaining to the fire (and subsequent lawsuits filed) at the Millenium buildings last week.

Why is this news? Although Mr. "the Turd" should have been there, one only has to look at the picture to see who he was there with...His Turdness was rubbing elbows with, and only with, democrats.

Read the story here, but scroll down to see the photo...Sandy Caterbone, Prince Joe, Connie "Hess" Williams, Mike Gerbage and his henchpersons (behind him)...like I said, only d's.

Apparently, (probably due to the poor quality of the photo) I missed Daylin Leach (AKA Dutch LaRue), just behind Caterbone.


Anonymous said...

You missed Daylin Leach...that's him in the blue in the back.

Anonymous said...

Leach is the clown looking over The Turd's left shoulder. The guy in the white shirt over The Turd's right shoulder is part of Turd's entourage because King James is afraid to go anywhere by himself for fear he will get a beating.

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