Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sightings: VIII

On Sunday evening, I reported the first "non-sighting". (Matthews was predictably absent from the MCRC Picnic)

So, where exactly was King James on Sunday? He was at the 24th Annual Bill Meehan Clambake benefitting the Philadelphia GOP on Sunday.

While Montgomery County's GOP hosted a picnic for their faithful, Jimbo decided he'd be more at home in Philadelphia, where his treacherous alliance with Joe Hoeffel hasn't yet had an effect on those Republicans. Of course, with Joe Hoeffel in charge of the election board , it's only a matter of time before they realize the effects that King James the Turd's backstabbing will have across the county line, in Philly (as parts of Matt Taubenberger's House district borders Rockledge and Montco).

Note to Philadelphia: You can have him. See how long you put up with his habitual lying and backstabbing. In fact, we'll trade you. Send us a box of leftover clam shells in exchange for James Rex. On second thought, you can keep the clam shells. Just take Matthews.

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Anonymous said...

I doubt very seriously Matt Taubenberger has a snowballs chance in hell of winning in November. The Democrats are slowly taking the philly house seats, they already have all of the State Senate seats. The demographics have changed very badly towards Republican candidates in Northeast Philly. The last bastion of Republicanism in Philadelphia. I remember hearing Republicans say the Democrats would never take over Cheltenham, or Abington. What happenned? Oh I forgot the Democrats now run Whitemarsh Twp.. Things look bad, check the reg. numbers in Montco, huge swing since March '08.

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