Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Whisper Something In My Ear...

...and I'll give you credit for it!

To all of my friends and bloggers out there:

There seems to be a great amount of speculation as to John McCain's choice for Vice President, so...I'm issuing a challenge:

Make a prediction as to whom you think will be the VeeP candidate on the Republican ticket (it must be your own intellectual property, don't take someone's suggestion and make it your own).

Either click on my email link (if you prefer to remain anonymous) or post it as a comment. I'll post them on day one of the Republican convention and reward the winner(s) with their very own Writemarsh! button. (I know you're all salivating at the very idea of owning one!)

I'll accept your predictions until midnight, 8/31/08.

By the way, I'm sticking with Sarah Palin (first choice) and Michael Steele (second choice). I'm not in the running for a button, mind you, just bragging rights!

Don't forget to check in at pawatercooler.com to keep up with Alex as he blogs from the Republican Convention!


D. B. Light said...

I think it's probably going to be Mitt, but deep in my heart I want it to be Sarah.

jcs said...

I am rooting for Sarah Palin, but I think he's going to pick Pawlenty. If he decides to do something out of the ordinary, I could see him picking Carly Fiorina.

Shawn said...

I think McCain will select Romney as his VP. I think he is strong on economic issues while he will also hold his own against Biden.

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