Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sightings: V

Each year the Sate Police have a Clambake on the second Wednesday in August. This year, His Majesty was in attendance almost literally "Velcro-ed" to the shoulder of State Attorney General Tom Corbett. King James never left the AG's side the entire time each was there. They even left at the same time.

Somebody needs to clue-in Corbett about "The Matthews Effect." Just the hint of support from Matthews has sunk the candidacy of anyone seeking office since January. Corbett needs a little better class of friends when he comes to Montgomery County.

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bobguzzardi said...

Good points, Bill. Simply put, Jim Matthews deceived the Republican voter and the Republican base. Joe Hoeffel, no matter how strongly I disagre with his policies, does not pretend to be something he isn't, a pro union, big government (socialist) advocate. Corbett's 2004 campaign was financed by Asher and I think Asher is raising the money for the 2008 campaign as well. (Ask Joe Peters about the Corbett campaign photo where Corbett has picture with four Democrats in Allegheny County area including now Auditor General Wagner- Joe was betrayed in 2004) and that explains the joined at the hip connection. As you recall, Asher financed Matthews as well. Corbett's support from slots and 'gaming' interests is very suspect and Asher was a 'gaming' lobbyist at one time. Not good for the common wealth, I think.

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