Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another One Under the Bus

Fellow 'cooler poster, D. B. Light (Light Seeking Light), has found another instance of Obama saying "thanks, but no thanks" to what he perceives as another anchor around his neck...The "No-Bama-ssiah" has invited General Wesley Clark to miss the Democratic National Convention...Adding Clark to the list, here's just a partial...(I've lost count):

  • Grandma Dunham
  • Rev. Jeremiah Wright
  • Fr. Michael Pleger
  • NEW!Michael Klonsky
  • Muslim supporters
  • babies that survive abortion attempts
  • 8,000 Members of Trinity Church of Christ
  • Samatha Power
  • Obama advisor/Hamas friend Rob Malley
  • Tony Rezko
Hanging on to the bumper:
  • Marilyn Katz (former SDS radical, Obama campaign PR professional)
  • Carl Davidson (former SDS radical, Fidel Castro Fan, webmaster of Progressives for Obama)
  • Michelle Obama
  • half-brother Abongo Obama, a militant Muslim
  • "Uncle Frank" Frank Marshall Davis, role model/mentor and member of the Communist Party USA, poet who authored "Smash-on, victory-eating Red Army"
  • Bill Ayers, domestic terrorist and long-time friend
  • Bernadine Dorhn, Ayer's wife, fellow domestic terrorist. and Manson Family admirer. (list courtesy of Confederate Yankee)
Read D.B.'s take on it here:

Light Seeking Light: Obama to Gen. Clark, "get lost"!

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Lisa said...

I've got Bill Ayers as next under the bus in the pool.

Any takers?

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