Sunday, August 10, 2008

I've been away... a matter of fact, over the past three weeks, I've not been able to sit in front of my computer for very long, which is why my posts have been few and far between.

I've been:

a) on vacation,
b) mourning the sudden ( and shocking) death of a friend and,
c) away at Boy Scout summer camp (life does go on, even in troubling times).

The loss of my friend was doubly felt, as he was supposed to be at camp with us and I was the person relieving him (so he could come home to help a sick relative).

Things should pick up a bit from here on.

I apologize to those who faithfully hit the blog to see what's new and what's still pissing me off.

I've only hit a bump in the road...I'm back on course and will be, as always, your humble blogger once again.

New news: I've been invited to be a contributing blogger on My sincere thanks to Alex C. (editor) for the opportunity to be part of something that I consider "the voice" of the politically active folks of Pennsylvania.


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