Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm Much Too Young To Feel This Damned Old

I was talking to my father this afternoon. He called to ask me about the fire in Conshy (which, at the time, I knew nothing about) and the conversation (after a few back and forth phone calls) turned to the fact that Dad retired this week.

He hadn't planned it, he just decided that this week was his last week, and that he was finally done working. For the record, Dad turned 69 on August 2nd.

It's bittersweet for him, as he worked for the same company 47 out of the last 49 years. He left in 1970 for a year and a half, went back, and spent from '72 to '98 there. I was lucky enough to work with him from 2000 until 2003, with me leaving for economic reasons (which is kind of why Dad left in '70).

With Dad's retirement, I am starting to feel my age. I turned 44 in February, leaving only 23 years until I can retire. Given that my oldest just tuned 21, I don't feel that those 23 years will take too long to pass.

Funny thing is, I never thought my dad would ever retire, that they'd find him cold and stiff, standing at the delivery end of his press, with a press-sheet in his hands.

Anyway, I'm glad he took retirement and now has plenty of time to enjoy the rest of his life. He can fish, hunt, shoot, have a beer and not worry about work ever again.

Here's to you Dad! We'll hoist a beer this weekend and toast your working years past and your relaxing years yet to come. Enjoy your well earned retirement (and try not to get on Mom's nerves too much!).

And just think-you may finally get the ink stains off your hands for good...



TrekMedic251 said...

First, congrats to your Dad. I'm sure he's deserved the break.

Second, imagine how rare it is today to stay with the same company for that many years,...

bobguzzardi said...

This small personal statement from a blogger who is usually focused on a few issues is touching and demonstrates the diversity of human choices and values. Thanks Bill. Your blog is useful and interesting to me as a concerned voter. On the personal side, I am 64 and some of what you feel and some of what you dad feels, I feel. No man is an island....thanks

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