Sunday, August 24, 2008

Prediction, Schmediction.

Far be it for me to point our the pratfalls and foibles of others (heh), but...

Tony Phyrillas posted, on the pick of Joe Biden by the Obamessiah,"The underwhelming" yesterday and pointed out different blogs takes on the "news" of this unholy alliance.

One such link he made was to Page13News:

"Page 13 News brags that he predicted the Obama/Biden ticket 10 days ago."
Izzat so? Mr. Ed said 10 days ago that Biden was the presumptive choice for dVEEP?

Male bovine excrement. Read the Matthew's sycophants post from August 13th, in it's entirety:
Obama's Veep Choice Is...

According to page13news sources, Barack Obama has made his choice for Vice President.

I have been trying to confirm the information which started to leak yesterday. And until "official" news sources pick this up, I suppose some will classify this as just another rumor started by bloggers.

The name being whispered in my ear by people close to the individual, is none other than Joe Biden from Delaware.

Not exactly earth shattering as Biden's name has been bounced around a lot lately. But my sources state that, among other signs, the secret service has stepped up its detail around the Deleware Senator.

Despite once saying he didn't want the job, but would find it hard to say no, Biden will lend his name to the Hope and Change ticket.
He admits in this post that the name of Biden was "being leaked" and "whispered in his ear", and was "trying to confirm" this "whispered" rumor. Now, don't think I'm nitpicking, but I thought a "prediction" was something that you thought of on your own, with careful thought and research, an educated hypothesis, so to speak.

But, a "name whispered in my ear"? Feh!

This is the same guy that insists there is no "Matthews Effect".

My prediction? Writemarsh will expose Page 13's erroneous post, bragging of a prediction, as fallacious. (whoa, a prediction based on fact and careful research...and it just came true!)

Mr. Ed, this was not a prediction, but rather a "repeat-tion"!

Oh-h-h-h-h-h-h, Wi-i-i-i-i-l-b-u-u-u-u-u-r!

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JHR said...

I'm not sure which is worse. Does Mr. Ed really live in a fantasy world where the Rosyln junior commitee person believes he has insider information on a Democratic National election or does he think his readership is just gullible?

Don't quit your day job Ed.

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