Friday, August 15, 2008

What is Wrong With This Story?

No offense to those who may obsess over their lawns, but, this is beyond outrageous...Lawn Police?

LANSDALE — Last month, Lynda Albright called the police after seeing a woman casing her backyard.

Albright said the woman, who was taking pictures of her property in the 800 block of West Third Street but wouldn't identify herself, eventually drove away in a car with a municipal license plate.

Within days, Albright received a notice from the borough saying the large tree trunk laying in her yard had to be removed within two weeks or a fine would be issued.

Albright said the tree, which was cut down for firewood, had been chopped up three days before.

Albright and Donna Nguyen, who also lives on West Third, said borough officials are targeting residents unfairly with accusations of improper lawn care.
Improper lawn care?

It seems that in Lansdale, you can be cited for "improper grass and weeds". Who thinks these things up? And, even more egregious, why does any borough or township think they can waste your tax dollars to make this an issue?

I can understand if there's an issue of "Sandford and Son" in the yard across the street, it's an eyesore and can possible become breeding ground for vermin, but to have some uncut vegetation? Does the township/borough fine itself for high grass on their open space areas?

I find it surreal that in our society, we need to make and enforce laws that have little or no impact on our lifestyle or health. At the discretion of some zealot, grandma or grandpa or sweet Aunt Laura can be fined for an exuberant rosebush? Feh!

Read the entire Reporter article here.


Anonymous said...

Whay not? If Aunt Laura lived in Lower Merion she could apparently be fined for exercising 1st amendment rights and having a LAWN sign on her LAWN, her private property if their ordinance comes to pass. Conversely, Tredyffrin sided on the side of caution, and decided NOT to challenge the little Cnstitutional issue of free speech and private property. Radnor, of course in typical Sunshine fashion declined comment. After all they are too busy trying to spin why one of their sitting school board members is involved in the Danieal Kelly case and why Radnor taxpayers shouldn't know what school district salaries and other sunshine stuff is, right?;jsessionid=CyjvLRwX2vr2msGZpxjt2ThMlq2vHtVpC71LV6zk0Vw9dR5YhQp4!944915439?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=pg_wk_article&r21.pgpath=%2FMLT%2FNews&r21.content=%2FMLT%2FNews%2FHeadlineList_Story_2358827;jsessionid=5y28LLdVBHGGV1R1yZqfTZs9SKh9nnmKyJK7XpRyhD0vr2c2vbTn!944915439?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=pg_wk_article&r21.pgpath=%2FWSU%2FHome&r21.content=%2FWSU%2FHome%2FTopStoryList_Story_2348152

black horse said...

This should come as no surprise, considering the dems run Lansdale now (another solicitorship for Sean Kilkenny.) That's democratic government for ya - cutting insider deals and wasting tax dollars harassing citizens. Let's hope the GOP in Lansdale can take things back in 2009.

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