Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sightings: IV

Jim Matthews was sighted having lunch with county solicitor Barry Miller at a Montgomery County restaurant. Not entirely out of the ordinary and probably unworthy of your humble bloggers "Sightings" reports, right?


They were breaking bread with a third party... Democrat Controller Diane Morgan!

It is one thing for Matthews to continue to portray his charade at the court house as some kind of bipartisan experiment for the benefit of the county, but hey–we know that is a load of elephant crap.

Morgan has repeatedly made unfounded and undeserved attacks upon Republicans Bill Donnelly, Jane Markley, Bruce Castor and Risa Ferman, the entire DA's office and has basically made the Republican party, in general, her cottage industry.

By (apparently) taking her under his wing, Matthews is showing the county GOP where his loyalties and sympathies are.

So, I write this open letter to Cmmsr. "The Turd":


You've been a stalwart to the party for as long as I can remember. I've thought better of you in the past than I have in recent months.

Chairman Bob Kerns has offered an olive branch (to have you back) no questions asked, if you'd just try to get along with Cmmsr. Castor and refute your newfound alliance with the democrat commissioner.

You've not made any attempt to meet us, the loyal Republican base, even halfway.

My proposal is this: if I send you a voters registration form, check off the "democrat" box, would you finally complete the equation you've left unfinished since January 7th? Just sign the damned form and get it over with?


Bill Shaw

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just a giggle for you 'cause you're cool:

It's about your pal King Ken The Deposed

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