Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rick Monday, American Hero

Yesterday, my family and I were privileged today to meet and break bread with a true American hero, Rick Monday.

Rick was a major league baseball player who started his career with a note of distinction-he was the very first person (in the very first major league draft) ever drafted to a major league baseball team.

Rick began his Major League career with the A's and subsequently found himself as center fielder for the Chicago Cubs. It was during his tenure as a Cub that Rick experienced a defining moment in his life.

On April 15, 1976, Monday was playing centerfield (as he always did) against the L.A. Dodgers. During the game, a "moonbat" protester and his budding lib-tard son decided to run onto the field and do the unthinkable...they attempted to set fire to and burn an American flag.

Rick Monday, in a moment defined as one of the "top 100 'plays' in baseball history", ran full out toward the two, reached down, and snatched the flag from them, before they could do Old Glory any harm. He continued to run toward the Dodgers dugout and handed the flag off to southpaw pitcher, Doug Rau.

Monday remembers that the crowd spontaneously broke out singing "God Bless America" almost immediately after he performed this patriotic deed.

When Monday batted in the next half inning, the Dodgers posted the following message on the scoreboard:

Monday was traded to the Dodgers the very next year, and, after retiring, became a broadcast announcer for Los Angeles.

Rick Monday was honored today by Montgomery County Sheriff, John P. Durante for his selfless act of patriotism and heroism. Sheriff Durante presented Rick Monday with a framed American Flag, flown over Valley Forge Park, as a token of appreciation.

Your humble blogger was invited to attend and report on the event for "Writemarsh!". Thanks to our generous hosts at the Holy Savior Club for providing a feast fit for a hero (complete with a 6 foot "hero" sandwich):

Mr. Monday took the time to pose for close to 100 photographs and thrilled my son, Jesse, by autographing a baseball for him. He's a gracious man and truly, a class act.

Here's the video of Rick Monday, saving the flag:

Rick Monday Tribute 1976 -


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