Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nice Fluff Piece... Margaret Gibbons (in the Reporter) on Frank Custer, challenger to Kate Harper for the 61st legislative district. (Click here to read)

I challenge Margaret to give equal time and write a piece on Kate, as well. After all, we must be fair and balanced, right?

Well Margaret, the ball is in your court.


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Anonymous said...


Custer held a press conference to discuss these issues.

What you are challenging Gibbons to do is to make news. Kate has to propose something in order for it to be covered.

Custer has ideas. What are Kate's ideas? She should tell the press and she'll get covered.

Gibbons has always been fair. Jim Matthews and his friends might not think so, but that's because you don't criticize royalty.

All hail King James.

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