Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Here's a Little Pop Culture for the Morning

I'm sure most of us in the "over 29" crowd will remember most of these "Catch Phrases".


30 catchphrases in 60 seconds


TrekMedic251 said...

Thanks, Bill. You know, training people who weren't even BORN when I started out as a paramedic and hearing "you're old enough to be my dad" isn't enough to make me feel old.

Now, you've gone and done it,....


Bill Shaw said...

Hey, Trek, misery loves company!

I looked in the mirror last night and thought, "damn, my beard is getting gray (sigh)".

If that wasn't bad enough, on Monday I drove a group of scouts to a swim party. they were talking about how some "old dude" was giving them grief for something or other...I forget the reason. I asked how old they thought this "old dude" was, and they said "oh, about 40."

I'm 44.

So, I put my "KISS Gold Hits" CD in the player, turned it up, and rocked out the ride "'old school" to "Strutter", "Deuce", "Fire House" and "Parasite".

Old, my a$$.


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