Sunday, July 6, 2008

I Passed

Today, I took the advanced motorcycle training course, offered by the state police and PADOT.

The course is grueling, long, and at times very difficult. It is given rain or shine, regardless of how hot it may become. I always wear leather and a helmet (helmet is required, by the way), so I was particularly aromatic by time the training was completed.

But, I passed. I scored 80% of a possible 100%, and have to practice some of the "trickier" aspects of the course, like "U"-turns and serpentine driving.

All in all, I'd thoroughly recommend this course for all experienced riders and would heartily recommend the beginner course for all new enthusiasts. Some insurance companies even discount policies for riders who have passed the course.

Ride Safe.

I took off my boots about an hour after I wrote this entry. When I turned them over, I noticed that the treads had melted and some of the gravel from the course had embedded itself in the soles of my boots.

I hadn't really put into perspective how really hot it was on the asphalt today. This is the first time in my life that it's been hot enough on the pavement to melt rubber.

It's a wonder none of us experienced heat frustration and dumped our bikes.


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