Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dems Are Starting to See the "Forest for the Trees"

It used to be that we followed our party leaders blindly. It's just what we did, never believing in a million years that our party would become what it has due to ineffective leadership. In the past few years, as the Republican party eroded under Ken Davis, we, for the most part, stopped following and sought refuge from the proverbial "storm".

That refuge was ( and is) Bob Kerns.

Chairman Kerns has been on the offense lately, pointing out discrepancies between what Cmmsr. Hoeffel promised during his campaign and what has happened since taking office, just 6 months and a week ago. Kerns addressed the cronyism in this press release, which I had posted on June 9th of this year:


The absolutely rampant cronyism going on in our county is becoming so transparent, that even democrats are appalled by Controller Diane Morgan and her solicitor, Sean Kilkenny's behavior. The hiring of democrat has-beens and row office candidate losers is an egregious example of this "behavior".

In a country where our gasoline and home heating fuel costs are skyrocketing, the price of food increasing because of the false hope of ethanol creating corn shortages, people are beginning to tighten their belts. And yet, Montco government seems to keep getting bigger and bigger.

On top of what is going on nationally, citizens do not need a tax increase on top of their already soaring utility and food bills. Once again, even prominent democrats are feeling the pinch.

One such democrat, former mayor of Norristown, Bill DeAngelis has gotten so fed up that he felt compelled to write a letter to the editor of the Times Herald to point out the fact that Kerns hit the nail on it's head with his press release.

(Click on the photo above to enlarge it)

If more dems spoke out instead of following blindly, like sheep, then maybe, just maybe there would be a bit of common ground in a bi-partisan government, where give and take is the norm, not take, take, take and screw you, buddy (And let's face it. Not one bit of this despicable behavior by the Democrats would be possible without the vote and support of "Republican" Jim Matthews).

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