Monday, June 9, 2008


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GOP Chairman calls on County Controller to fire her solicitor for improper fundraising efforts.

Montgomery County Republican Committee (MCRC) Chairman Robert Kerns today called on the Montgomery County Democratic Committee to stop unethical fundraising efforts.

“Following Joe Hoeffel’s lead, The Democrats have put a “for sale” sign on our county court house. It’s reprehensible” Kerns said.

Kerns released a letter received by Whitpain GOP Municipal Chairman and MCRC Executive Committee member Brian Miles from Sean Kilkenny.

Kilkenny, who serves as the appointed solicitor to County Controller Diane Morgan, a Democrat, identified himself as Chair of the Democratic Party’s annual golf outing to be held in July.

Kilkenny’s letter implored Miles to serve as a Host to the golf outing with varying financial commitments ranging from $2,500 to $4,000.

The letter was faxed to Miles’ place of employment, Gambone Development Company in East Norriton, and identified Miles’ employer in the address line.

“I have spent my entire adult life working on behalf of the Montgomery County Republican Committee. I’ve never contributed money to a Democrat and I’m baffled as to what list the Democrats are using to solicit funds.” Miles said.

It is unlawful to utilize campaign finance reports filed by candidates or committees for the purpose of identifying and soliciting donors.

Kerns said the most disturbing aspects of the solicitation are the implication that by contributing, donors will gain access to Democrat elected officials in the local, county, state and Federal government.

Kilkenny’s letter reads “As your business is quite active in Montgomery County municipalities, it is my belief that the opportunity to be seen in such a prominent role at the Event will help spur interest in (and introduction to) the growing list of municipalities which have become, or are becoming, Democratic controlled in Montgomery County”.

The letter goes on to list twelve municipalities, many of which Kilkenny’s firm serves as solicitor since those municipalities elected Democrat majorities on local boards and commissions.

“This is unabashed influence peddling by the solicitor to the county’s chief financial watchdog, Controller Diane Morgan. If Republicans had ever done anything like this Joe Hoeffel and the Democrats would have been the first ones screaming foul from the courthouse steps” said Kerns.

“Kilkenny’s letter confirms the worst fears of many county residents: The Democrats are bringing Philadelphia-style pay-to-play politics to Montgomery County.” Kerns said.

“Joe Hoeffel and his Democrat cronies have put their integrity up for sale to the highest bidder. The ethical conduct of government is not a partisan issue. It is an issue that concerns every citizen who lives or works in Montgomery County.” Kerns said.

“I call on Diane Morgan to fire Sean Kilkenny and I call on the Democratic Party to remove him from any fundraising capacity in their organization. The restoration of trust and faith in our government, a government in which both parties have an investment, must trump any political chits Mr. Kilkenny may have piled up over the years. It’s time for the Democrats to do the right thing.” said Kerns.

Brian P. Miles is chairman of the Whitpain Township Republican Committee. He has worked on behalf of Montgomery County Republican candidates since 1994. In 2007 he served as a senior advisor to the Matthews/Castor countywide Republican campaign. He is an Executive Committee member of the Montgomery County Republican Committee. He is the Director of Human Resources and Risk Management for Gambone Development Company in East Norriton.

Robert J. Kerns is the Chairman of the Montgomery County Republican Committee. He was elected on May 8, 2008. Kerns is the principal in the firm of Kerns, Pearlstine, Onorato and Hladik in Lansdale, PA. He served as solicitor of Montgomery County in the Mele/Hoeffel/Fox administration. In 2007 he served as finance chairman for the Matthews/Castor countywide Republican campaign. (end press release)


Anonymous said...

This is beyond hilarious. Anyone that knows Brian in the slightest knows that there isn't a chance he would host an event for the Democrats.

It seems they are all losing it.

Anonymous said...

Big Deal!! This is the best Kerns can come up with, Co.'s sponser Golf outings all of the time. The sad part for the Republican Party is that 10-15yrs. ago the dem. Golf outing hardly had any sponsers. Now look who is sponsering the Golf outing, many former Republican backers. Now that MONTCO is a Democratic County what is the big deal. I guess Gambone will have to just play ball,or Brian Miles will have to switch parties unless he likes losing elections.

Anonymous said...

Since the golf outing is only 5 years old, I presume they had no sponsors 10 or 15 years ago.

Also, the "I guess Gambone will have to play ball" because Montco is Democrat now. Umm...people go to jail for stuff like that. I think that was the point of Kerns' statement.

Third, learn how to spell "sponsor" and "sponsoring". What Democrat controlled school system did you attend?

Anonymous said...


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