Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Totals from Writemarsh!, West-1

Not unlike Alex C from PA Watercooler, I spent most of the day at my poll...I took a 2 hour respite to get off my feet, as I came to the polls right from my job (with a stop for a shower and fresh clothes).

The results of my day?

374 voters (of 1217 registered) showed up. Hillary! got 155 votes (52.54%), Obamessiah! got 140 (47.46%)...pretty close, considering there were only 3 undervotes for POTUS.

My wife, (the lovely) Karen and I both ran for re-election to Committee, Karen receiving one more vote than i, 56 to 55 votes. 75 republicans bothered to show up to vote...I guess they couldn't be bothered to vote their way to the bottom, as there were 18 undervotes for my wife, 18 undervotes for myself, with one joker writing himself in for committeeman, which puzzles me because I don't know him personally, so there's no way I could have pissed him off.

Everyone I got absentee ballots for voted and got counted, which is good.

It was a very long day, ending at the Blue Bell Inn, courtesy of our future chairman, Robert Kerns, Esquire. A couple of JD/Rocks (I know, I know...I prefer it "neat", but, I was alone and had to drive home, hence the watered down drinks) and it was time to head home. I arrived home at 12 midnight, after a run of 34 hours up, with a 2 hour half-nap.

In my world, that's politcs as usual.

Happy day after election day!

C'mon May 8th!


Chris from Springfield said...

The word is Jim Matthews wanted to get together with a few Republican friends who still talk to him on election night. However, when he found out that they were celebrating with incoming Chairman Bob Kerns and dozens of committeepersons and several area leaders at the Blue Bell Inn, Matthews responded that he could not attend. I wonder why (sarcasm)Isn't it telling that Matthews refuses to go to the montgomery County GOP hang out. I wonder when it is going to dawn on Matthews to rescind his deal with Hoeffel or switch parties.

K of P said...

It'll be very interesting to see if Matthews shows on May 8

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