Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Interesting Information about the Unemployment Rate:


The Job Market

303,972,298 is the USA population as of April 30, 2008 according to the census. According to the US Dept. of Labor, our unemployment rate is 5.1%. Thus, that is 15,198,614.9 people (or 5.1% of the total population). This means our unemployment is 15.1 million people…let’s dissect this number. [That's not right. The total US population does not equal the total labor force. The number is 7.8 million.-ed]

According to the very same labor data, the vast majority of the unemployed wish to be unemployed. Some have family responsibilities, and others are in school so that they can eventually become employed. Wow…and I thought the big Republicans were ruining the job market? Guess what - they’re NOT!

Read the rest of this interesting article here.

I've never put the unemployment rate into such an unique and, let's face it, intelligent perspective. Rick Tennesen should be commended for showing us the real data, not the hyped up liberal media spin that we are force fed, daily, as the gospel truth.

One thing was left out, though...the percentage of us that hold down more than one job. How does this statistic further skew tha liberal media'd figures to make it even less of a problem? You see, if I can hold down 2 jobs, there must be an abundance of jobs out there, as Tennesen reports. Otherwise, I'd have a piss-poor time finding a part-time job to pay for my hunting trips and guns, let alone putting my tithes into the collection plate of my bitterly clung-to religion of choice.

If there's extra jobs out there for me, then, as put forth so eloquently in the article, there's a crapload of lazy people out there ( discountiung first, all of the stay at home mom's, early retirees, and rich folk who don't haveta work) who just don't feel the need to contribute to society.

Tip to Tennesen! Great, eye-opening article.


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