Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Goodly Works, Done by Goodly People

My good friend and confidant, Brian Miles, has held a fundraiser the last two years, in honor of his father, Ron, who succumbed to prostate cancer a few years ago.

Last year, the family-run "Ron Miles Foundation" gave $10,000 to the Montgomery Hospital Hospice, who was instrumental in making Mr. Miles last days as comfortable as they possibly could.

The Miles Family held it's 2nd annual event in February, and was able to acheive even haughtier goals this year. They increased their charitable output by 50%, and was able to give the Hospice a $12,000 check. They added another beneficiary of their generocity, Crossing the Finish Line", who received $3,000 from the RMF. "Crossing the Finish Line" is a charity organization whose main purpose is to give new cancer patients a chance to live a little when the outlook isn't so rosy. Kind of like Hospice care for the beginning patient, with the emphasis
on living, rather than the alternative.


My family was invited to share in the day of giving, Monday, April 21, 2008 at the presentation of the checks to the deserving organizations. As the creator of the "big checks" that the family presented. I was both proud and humbled that the Miles family would have me share a very special day with them.

God Bless the Miles Family...they do His goodly work!


For more Information on the Ron Miles Memorial Fund, click:


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LilMissRepublican said...

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My grandfather was an awesome man who is greatly missed.

For more info on the Ron Miles Memorial Fund, go to-

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