Saturday, November 15, 2008

Update On "A Social Experiment"

Last week, I asked my son, Jesse, to conduct a social experiment by wearing several different hats to school. I wanted to prove that his McCain/Palin hat would invoke more harassment from his schoolmates (obama rally arrest).

If you recall, I asked him to do the following:

I’ve urged him to continue this “social experiment” by wearing my “rebel” hat with the stars and bars on it…I’ll bet it doesn’t get a second glance, and that the McCain/Palin hat will cause more divisiveness in his middle school than if he wore a hat that said the “N” word on it
Well, I'm chagrined to report that Jesse got tired of the harassment and declined to wear the hats to school.

I can't say that I blame him. The era of Obama seems to have created even more division, rather than bridge the divide. It's not enough that Obama won, now if you supported McCain, you're a racist.

Kids can be cruel, and Jesse learned a valuable lesson last week. He learned that the same people who complain when they are discriminated against are just as guilty of discrimination when they have views that differ from yours. Pity. It looks like an Obama Nation will go down in history as an abomination.

And here is the rest of it.


Anonymous said...

I really wouldn't read too much into the kids teasing your son. Most seventh graders do not have a fully developed political thought process. Generally, they just emulate thier parents veiwpoint for tacit approval and act it out in typical childish ways...

Bill Shaw said...

If it weren't for the fact that the very kids that did the cat calling also stepped it up after the election, calling my son a "F*$king Racist", I wouldn't be too worried.

The real racists were the kids who were intolerant of my son because of his father's, and subsequently, his political views. It's looking that there isn't much to calm racial tensions, even after we elect our first black president.

No, these kids knew what they were doing. They may not have been too well-versed politically, but they are, in fact, racially intimidating my son. This comes on the heels of "Challenge Day" where kids are supposed to learn how to relate to their differences and find some common ground to get along.

In that, the school district has failed, miserably.

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