Monday, November 10, 2008

Re: Obama Rally Arrest

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In response to "Obama Rally Arrest". Click on the link, then come back to read this post...the link is the "prequel" to this post.

The treatment of this kid by the police is the kind of thing we’re all going to have to get used to. Case in point:

My son, “Scraps”, is a 7th grader at Colonial Middle School here in Montgomery County, PA. He was harassed constantly because of my McCain signs on the lawn (see “Democrat Sign Games“, posted last month). You can guess who is doing the harassing.

Anyway, on election night, I stopped at the house before I took my results back to the county “after-party” and while I was there, I swapped hats…I gave Scraps my McCain/Palin (for his collection) and put on my old, worn, “Proud to be Republican” hat.

He wore it to school on Wednesday, was harassed on the bus (with expletives thrown at him) and Thursday, at a “Challenge Day” (click on the link, it’s important to see what this day was supposed to represent), he was derided by a staff member to take his hat off, because it was becoming apparent that his “peers” were becoming agitated by it.

McCain Derangement Syndrome, pure and simple, and McCain lost.

My son has been called a racist, bigot, etc., just because he dared “support” the white candidate in the race. When pressed, he told them that he wasn’t against Obama because of his skin color, but because of his policy on “redistribution of wealth”. Then he asked them if they were racist for supporting the black candidate and not the white one…they improved his status to “f@*kin’ racist”.

7th graders…and the Obamamaniacs in his school (teachers, staff) do nothing about it…nothing, that is, except single him out for wearing a souvenir hat that supports “the other candidate” and not the √úbermessiah.

If taking a stand on his future makes Scraps a racist, (their label, not mine) then I’m proud that he’s smart enough and ambitious enough to be against wealth redistribution…and, it means that I’m raising him “right”.

I’ve urged him to continue this “social experiment” by wearing my “rebel” hat with the stars and bars on it…I’ll bet it doesn’t get a second glance, and that the McCain/Palin hat will cause more divisiveness in his middle school than if he wore a hat that said the “N” word on it.

I’m monitoring the situation closely, and will update if anything about the situation changes.

This situation and the one in the video notwithstanding, I’ll be this is only the tip of the iceberg and the MSM will quietly sweep these incidents of “reverse discrimination” under the proverbial carpet, one by one. It looks like it’s up to us to make hay of this and report it when it happens.


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Lisa said...

Bill, of course, I'm horrified about this incident. Poor Scraps is getting a lesson in liberal love a little early, isn't he? I find it especially appalling that this intolerance happened during a so-called warm'n'fuzzy "Challenge Day", which is precicely (at least according the PW Middles School's website claims) what this day is supposed to prevent.

I guess tolerance covers skin color, sexual preference, height, weight, wimpiness and surliness, but not ideology.

We will tolerate no diversity there.

Tell Scraps I'm proud of him.

Bill Shaw said...

Will do...You know his dad is extremely proud of him.

the kid's got moxie, I'll tell you that. He's wearing the McCain/Palin hat tomorrow and will wear the stars and bars on Wednesday, followed by my "proud to be Republican on Thursday, rounding off with his (yes he is a junior member) NRA hat on Friday.

Now, that's diversity I can sink my teeth into.

I'll post pictures...hehe!

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