Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Election Predictions

I’ll only predict the races that will effect the voting district I live in…Whitemarsh Township, Montgomery County, West-1 district.

President/VeeP-John McCain/Sarah Palin (but it’s a squeaker and the MSM will not declare him on election night)

Congress (PA-6) Jim Gerlach, but we have really no competition there…Roggio is a seriously weak effort by the PA dems, which surprises me considering how strong a candidate Lois Murphy was the past 2 election cycles.

PA Senate (7th Senatorial District) I really am loathe to predict this one, as I consider Marc Perry a personal friend and do not want to jinx any chance he may have, so I will not make a prediction. I do know that Vincent Hughes is banking on the Obama name (as his signs sport both his and the √úbermessiah’s name}, which suggests tht he may think he needs an Obama win to succeed.

PA House (148th) I’m working on this campaign personally. Reality Check time? Maybe, but I won’t say it, ala Perry above. It’s going to be hard, nay, nearly impossible to beat an incumbent who gives earmarks to all of the right groups, in all of the right amounts, at the most opportune times. But, there’s much to be said for prayer. I’m praying the rosary…twice.

Attorney General-Corbett wins

Treasurer and Auditor General-Whichever way the presidential goes, so goes these two…it’s sad, but the state row under-ticket is less important to the rank and file voter than it is to us political junkies. Most people do not know who is actually running for these seats, the catchy “Check Chet” may help him at the polls, but most will vote party line on these offices. It’s a toss-up.

Finally, there’s a special election in Whitemarsh Township this year. We had a Republican supervisor resign (family matters) and the seat was filled by a democrat nobody who has only lived in the township for a few years.

Last year, Dr. Richard Cutler, a local periodontist who has been very active participant in Whitemarsh Township governance for quite a few years, gave the d’s a real run for their money.

I predict that Dr. Cutler wins…his name recognition gives him a serious edge on his competitor and, he has more to offer the township than his opponent, who’s only real contribution to Whitemarsh Township for the last 5 years is that he decided to say yes when asked to fill the vacancy.

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