Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sightings: XVIII

Finally, after a short hiatus...A Sighting!

King James the Turd was sighted at the Cheltenham Republican(?) Committee meeting this evening.

Apparently, after his failure Monday night to actually state that Jim was right and we were wrong, Gil Cox extended an invitation to Jimbo to attend his committee meeting tonight. This after he didn't have the guts to vote no on James Rex's censure.

Heh...Cheltenham. El Rey Diego Trejo continues to surround himself with losers, aligning himself with the most ineffective municipal leader in Montgomery County (The aforementioned Mr. Cox, whose speech on Monday night in defense of "doing nothing" for fear of losing Matthews' alleged support base in Cheltenham, was ridiculed when it was noted Matthews came in dead last in Cheltenham in every election he has appeared on the ballot).

Dead last...dare I dub this the "Cheltenham effect"?

Jim Matthews: Soon scratching the bottom of the barrel in a township near you.


Anonymous said...

I don't think Cheltenham has elected a Republican, in maybe 20 years. I'm surprised their is even an organized Republican Committee in Cheltenham. Larry Curry ran unopposed for State Rep. due to a lack of Republicans in Cheltenham. Really the Republican Party gave up on Cheltenham Township a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Dear Fellow Republican,

The ignorance you showed in your above comment sickens me to say the least. It’s just not true.

CHELTENHAM HAS elected a Republican in the last 20 years! In fact CHELTENHAM has elected several. It was 2007 when Republican Commissioner Drew Sharkey was elected to the CHELTENHAM Board of Commissioners and 2007 again when Republican Commissioner Charlie McKeown was RE-ELECTED!

Other CHELTENHAM Republican Elected Officials:

Former CHELTENHAM Commissioner and Chairman of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners- Tom Ellis

Former CHELTENHAM Commissioner-Bob Gerhard

The Honorable Loretta Leader, Former Magisterial Judge of CHELTENHAM

Yes, it is true: CHELTENHAM has a majority of Democrats, but CHELTENHAM Republicans are enthusiastic and dedicated. They fight daily for the Republican message of small government, lower taxes, and personal freedoms. Their alliance lies in no man, but to the Republican Party, which they are all proud to be a part of.

You may have a point when you say the Republican Party gave up on CHELTENHAM, but no one can deny the fact that CHELTENHAM hasn't given up on them.

Mr. Bill Shaw should be ASHAMED of himself to write such a cowardly tale about CHELTENHAM Township Republican Organization Chairman Gil Cox, who is a brilliant supporter of the Republican cause and has ALWAYS put the Party first.

I will forgive the remarks made on this blog about the model Republican organization in CHELTENHAM Township, but please realize tales told like this unravel to only further separate our party, and maybe I am going out on a limb but I feel Mr. Bill Shaw and Mr. Anonymous feel (or at least they should) that either United we Stand or Divided we fall. Let us pray against the latter and fight TOGETHER for a Republican future.


Your friendly neighborhood Republican

Anonymous said...


Gil Cox invited Matthews to the meeting after the censure to stir dissent. Gil has picked on Cheltenham committee members he doesn't like (like Joan Sundheim) for not other reason then to feather his own nest and get revenge for perceived slights.

The Cheltenham GOP does have a lot of hard working members, and Gil works hard for what Gil cares about.

Sharkey, McKeowen and Gerhard are winners in commissioner districts, not township wide. And the last time Loretta Leader won an election was like 9 years ago. She lost last time.

Still, that is not to take anything away from the committee as a whole there. They deserve respect for the work they do. Cox, and his underhanded ways that EVERYONE sees through, deserves none.

When the party unanimously, with Cox's vote as well, censures Jim Matthews and then Cox turns around and invites him to his meeting (and gives him the floor to spread his lies and hate against MCRC), then who is the one causing division?

Sounds like Cox to me.

Anonymous said...


Just wanted you to know I spoke to someone who was at the meeting and Gil Cox did not invite Matthews, Bob Gerhard did. He's the Area Leader there.

I think Cox got a bad rap on this one.

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