Friday, November 21, 2008

District Orchestra III

Three years ago, my son Jesse (Scraps) asked if he could play in the school orchestra. I queried as to what instrument he would like to play, and he answered (without pause) Drums!

Heh...everyone wants to play the drums. The reality is, and I explained this to him, only the children who have a real spark...that something special, really get to play the drums. The rest get to play the bells, the triangle, the wood block, cymbals, etc. Only a true "drummer" gets to play the drums.

The next thing I told him was, if he wanted to really get to play, try the bass. He was dubious and I told him that most orchestras do not have a large bass section-everyone wanted to play violin or cello.

So, he tried the bass and liked it.

Fast forward three years. On Saturday afternoon (Nov. 22) Scraps will play in his third District 11 Orchestra. He has earned the right because of his natural affinity for his instrument, coupled with the fact that he is, if I must brag, quite good. Karen and I are very proud of him.

The concert is being held at Arcola Intermediate School, 4000 Eagleville Road, Eagleville, PA. If you're inclined to stop in and check him out, the concert starts at 4 pm and there is a nominal fee to get in.

If you do come, look for me. I'll be the guy smiling, with tears of joy rolling down my cheeks...for the third year in a row.

I'll post video as soon as I can get it processed and uploaded.


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