Sunday, November 23, 2008

From The Evening Bulletin

(The Lamplighter, 11/21/08)
It was bound to come up, sooner or later:

Corbett-Castor For Governor: An Unbeatable Combination?

Despite the GOP's hammering on Election Day, there were a few bright spots, none more stellar than the performance of state Attorney General Tom Corbett. Barack Obama won the Keystone State by 600,000 votes, yet Mr. Corbett pulled off a stunning re-election victory, winning by a margin of 400,000.

That net swing of one million instantly catapulted the AG to frontrunner for the Republican nomination for governor in 2010, leaving the other hopefuls gasping for air and, possibly, looking for a graceful exit. One of the more credible rumors making the rounds is that Montgomery County Commissioner, and former District Attorney, Bruce Castor would be the ideal lieutenant governor running mate to Mr. Corbett.

They are from the most populous regions on opposite ends of the state, are viewed as reformers, and have impeccable law enforcement credentials, specifically in rooting out political corruption. While there is a lot of ground to cover between now and 2010, a Corbett-Castor tandem would be an extremely formidable ticket which could signal the re-emergence of the Pennsylvania Republican Party.
As For Patrick Meehan (Self-Proclaimed, Supposed Front-runner for the Republican Gubernatorial Position):
Former U.S. Attorney Pat Meehan has formed an official political committee for a gubernatorial run in 2010. While Mr. Meehan's plans are no secret, he has yet to make a public announcement kicking off his campaign.

That may change on Dec. 13 at the Pennsylvania Society Weekend in New York City. A who's who of GOP activists is sponsoring a cocktail party to honor Mr. Meehan for his years as U.S. Attorney, which would be a logical time for such a pronouncement.

However, given the impressive victory his chief opponent, Attorney General Tom Corbett, racked up on Election Day, and the AG's subsequent label as "frontrunner," don't be surprised if the official announcement is delayed -perhaps permanently.
Corbett and Castor teaming up? Don't dismiss the possibility, as Corbett didn't get to where he is on the proverbial food-chain by making unintelligent choices. This would be the consummate ticket for 2010 and I, Bill Shaw, would like to be the first to jump a matter of fact, I'll drive the damn bandwagon and endorse Corbett/Castor for the Republican gubernatorial ticket!


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TrekMedic251 said...

This combo and Pat Toomey for US Senator? Could restore some of our luster lost in November?

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