Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Predictions

As my predictions went, so did the country...

McCain/Palin lost, so did the country.

Gerlach won what was supposed to be his easiest race, and it was by a slim margin

Perry and Maguire lost, their campaigns echoed the national numbers (although both did better than their counterparts in their previous election cycle(s)

Ellis and Beiler went the same way the presidential went, as I predicted...I just predicted the wrong presidential candidate would win...sorry, guys.

Finally, Dr. Richard Cutler. This one surprised me, as I thought that people would care a little more about their local races, especially a special election. I'm chagrined that people voted straight ticket and didn't care to get to know Dr. Cutler and what he stood for. Pity, Richard would have made us proud.

That's it...My predictions were way off base. Maybe it was a pollyanna attitude toward the national race, maybe it was just that I had blinders on, maybe a little of both.

It's time to get back to basics and start supporting hard nosed, hard line right of center Republicans and stop trying to appease everybody by pushing moderates, especially at the local level. I'd sleep better knowing that the conservative agenda isn't going the way of the dinosaur, that fiscal and social conservatism isn't dead and that there's still a place at the table for our way of thinking.

The democrats never compromise on their candidates, neither should we. If we give conservatives good candidates to vote for, they'll vote for them. Pure and simple.

It's time to return to the Reagan Republican.


Golden Bear said...

Roslyn resident said it perfectly. On the national stage, the Republican Party went on the attack and it effected us on the local level, except for those who choose not to go negative; for the most part. I know there were several races where the R should have won but did not. That I attribute to the electorate not listening to the local message and only pulling for the straight ticket. Maybe you could use this blog to lobby for removing that lever/button so the people will actually have to think about what they are voting on. Just my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

You are looking through your Conservative colored glasses. McCain lost because he was unable to appeal to independants and Democrats. By chosing Palin, all he did was excite the people who were voting for him anyway. It's not 1980 anymore, the Reagan revolution is over. It's time for the Republican party to move on and broaden it's appeal. This may anger conservatives, but Republicans will constantly lose the urban/suburban areas unless they make room for social moderates. Look at South Dakota and Colorado, where restrictions on abortion lost. Prop 8 in California failed because Hispanic and African-Americans, who voted for Obama, tend to be homophobic. Step outside your conservative box and look objectively at the election. The right-wing noise machine may say the Republicans lost because they tried to moderate, but the truth is the Republicans lost because the party's message no longer appeals to moderates. They lost because Bush's policies failed. Lower taxes are great, but no one cares about lower taxes when their retirement investments are wiped out, their saleries are lower and they can't pay their mortgage. I'd rather earn more and pay a few more percent in taxes.
Richard Cutler lost because he cost the township money by prolonging his zoning dispute.

-Whitemarsh Dem

Anonymous said...

Come on Whitemarsh Dem, Bush's policies did not cause the down turn in the mortgage & banking industries and on Wall Street, deregulation in the 90's and greed did this. His policies may not have helped, but they were not the cause. Check your facts before you spew venom that brainwashed the nation!

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