Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Thoughts on the Matthews Censure

I posted the news of Jim Matthews' censure on Monday without any commentary. I let the words of Bob Kerns speak for themselve. Today, I'd like to give my opinion of the resolution (and as I have observed the happenings of the past year).

The 2008 election was not a good one for Republicans. Neither was the election of 2004, 2006, and 2007, as we lost both the house and the senate, and the PA house of representatives. Why? We all know the answer.

We have moved, as a party, too far to the left. the general consensus has been "if we act more like them (democrats) we will get elected. This "experiment" hasn't worked.

The problem is, when we do that, we lose our base. Just look at the results of the last election as proof. In Montgomery County, only 31% of all registered Republicans bothered to vote in what was probably the most important election of their lifetime. Not that the democratic base did much better, but their 40% turnout won the election here for Obama and anybody else who rode in on his historic coattails.

In last years election, Republicans won the County Commissioner positions. Jim Matthews then went to say that we needed to form a "more bi-partisan" government" that governs more to the center than to the right or left. Unfortunately, the current governing body does, indeed, govern more to the left, as we have passed most of the liberal Hoeffel/Damsker platform since January 8th than we have passed any conservative platform. Jim has essentially turned his back on the Republican party. As a result, we are probably going to have a budget deficit, taxes will probably have to go up and we will probably lose our AAA bond rating that Former Commissioner Tom Ellis worked so hard to obtain and preserve.

Our new county Republican Chairman, Bob Kerns, has worked, since taking office, to try to convince Matthews that he needs to start working with Republicans for good, sound fiscally responsible Republican style governance, as he was elected to do. Jim argues that the people spoke when they elected him and that they asked for a more bi-partisan (liberal) governance. Jim is wrong. The numbers don't lie. Besides, if the people had wanted a more leftist style of government, they would have elected Ruth Damsker and Jim would now be a private citizen of Montgomery County.

Also, most of the rank and file, as I have witnessed, disagrees with Matthews.

I have attended enough fundraisers and events over the past eleven months to have heard, ad nauseum, "what are we going to do about Jim" and "why isn't Bob (Kerns) doing anything about Jim"?

On Monday night, after months of getting nowhere with Jim Matthews, Bob Kerns did something.

Bob drafted a resolution censuring Jim Matthews for basically betraying the will of the voters of Montgomery County. Jim's move to the left has not only hurt the taxpayers of Montgomery County, it has hurt the Republican party as a whole. It has hurt our credibility. It has hurt our "branding" if you will.

It has forced our top Republicans to take a stand that they would have rather not taken (remember, it took months to make this decision).

Bob Kerns did something courageous on Monday night. He started pulling our party back to the right, where it belongs. Bob took a stand against the very thing that has destroyed our party nationwide and caused us to lose elections.

Bob chose to be a real Republican. So did the leadership that unanimously voted to censure Jim Matthews for his transgressions against the party.

I will be eternally grateful to Bob for recognizing that we needed to go back to what made our party what it was, and for taking the proper steps to start returning our party to it's conservative roots.

Today, as I sit here writing this post, I can say, without equivocation, that I am the most proud I have ever been to be a Republican in Montgomery County.

Thanks, Bob, for restoring my faith in the party that I chose to be part of back in 1996.


js said...

Bill, I adore your blog, but disagree on what you have written here. I am not for this Matthews cat, after what you and others have written, but I think Kerns is attacking this from the wrong angle.

If he wants Matthews out, he needs to field a better candidate and run a good camapign.

If the Montco GOP overreacts, it will remain in the losing column. That is the truth.

What Kerns did was a publicity stunt that smacks of desperation. Who cares? Jim Matthews doesn't need to be censured - he needs to be out manoevered.

Anyway, thanks for making me think, even if we do not totally agree. I respect your perspectives, hope you respect mine.

Have a great day!!

TrekMedic251 said...

Bill, I heard King James on Don G's show. I lost count of how many people he threw under the bus trying to prove his Republican-ness.

Best gaffe,, laugh: when faced with ANY opposition, capitulate instead of fight. That's why he aligned w/ Hoeffel.

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