Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Without a doubt, Obama has to pay-up. I know, as treasurer for my committee, I can't take a postage stamp without listing it as a contribution in kind. For the school district to give away to Obama something they usually charge for is, in fact, a contribution to his campaign. The key principle in the determination is this–it is something of value? Answer: Yes...no brainer.

They'll try like hell to spin this differently, probably something like we don't welcome change.

Anyway, HT to JCS for this article.

The Associated Press

READING, Pa. - A Reading school board member says he doesn't think it was legal for the district to waive fees associated with a Barack Obama rally at the high school.

William Cinfici (sin-FEE'-see) says waiving the fees associated with the April rally represents an in-kind donation to the Democrat's campaign. He says that's illegal and unfair to taxpayers.

Other board members say the decision to waive the fees is not illegal. School officials say they don't know exactly how much the fees would total.

Cinfici has asked the board's solicitor to look into whether it was legal.

Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton held a rally at nearby Wilson High School and was charged $6,460. Clinton won the state's April 22 primary, but Obama has since earned enough delegates to be the party's presidential nominee.


Information from: Reading Eagle, http://www.readingeagle.com/
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