Saturday, June 7, 2008

****UPDATE**** Victims of "The Matthews Effect" Thus Far

Victims of the Matthews far:

Ken Davis, prime architect (along with Bob Asher) of Matthews' "Deal" to overturn the will of the voters, enact the Democrat agenda, and put Joe Hoeffel in charge of county government, ousted as MCRC Chair. Replaced by Castor ally Bob Kerns.

Lee Falgout, ardent Matthews supporter, defeated for 13th congressional endorsement and ousted as Municipal Leader in Upper Moreland. Replaced by new Castor supporter Kathy Rusch. Castor ally, Marina Kats, gets the nod in the 13th.

Jim Vlahos, another ardent Matthews supporter, forced out of MCRC chairman's race when published reports called him "the Matthews candidate" in the race. Ousted as Area 2 leader. Replaced by Castor supporter Gail Yoder.

Ed Boyd, vocal (both in writing and orally) Matthews apologist and blogger crushed in bid to become Abington Municipal Leader. Replaced by Castor supporter Bob Adshead.

Bill Bryers, defender of Matthews to this day, ousted as Municipal Leader in Upper Dublin.

My advice to any remaining Matthews supporters is this...RUN!.

Run as fast as you can and as far as you can to get away from the "jinx" associating with him brings. Read the above list again and ask yourself: Do I want my name at the bottom of this list come November?

Finally, take this into consideration...have you heard Tom Ellis ever defend King James the Turd since he decided to run for state treasurer? No. Even Tom was thrown under the bus to make Matthews look good to his new, liberal friend, Prince Joe the Spud Dome.

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