Thursday, June 12, 2008

Re: Montco Daily Dose

Alex Charyna from the 'cooler posted a "daily dose" tonight about the new traveling minstrel show called the County Commissioners Meeting. As I observed, there were several dynamics going on at once. From left to right sat Prince Kartoffelkopf, King James the Turd, Court Jester, Barry Miller and Republican Commissioner Bruce L. Castor, Jr.

Hoeffel seems to think he's some kind of comedian, as he was wisecracking here and there while we, the taxpayers paid him to do so. Bad decision, had your junior high years to get that out of your least have some decorum and act the part you are playing this time 'round.

Matthews sat there looking like "Corky" from "Life Goes On" half the time, the other half, he was acting like some "Rainman" type of savant...I kept waiting for "ten minutes to Wapner" to come from his lips. He had that vacuous, brooding look, like he was waiting on the short bus and it was (shudder) 10 seconds late. I understand he was arguing with constituents after the meeting was adjourned. What A Boob!

Barry Miller must have some demons working in his head...I saw him stare around the room looking kind of vacant...the same kind of vacant look you see in Charles Manson's eyes. His deal with the devil must have been a doozy.

Bruce, as always was eloquent, poised and had some very good input as to the disposition of the Barnes Foundation. KJ3 and the tuberdome just kind of brushed him off...I finally saw it with my own eyes. The other two kept skirting the issue, never once assuring the public that they'd fight, tooth and nail (as we would want them to) to keep the "Barnes" here in Montgomery County.

Anyway, I digress...Alex mentioned that I left before the meeting was over, but, that I was taping the event-both accurate statements. I would have stayed, though, if only my battery had lasted just a bit longer. I've wanted to get a spare, but, I do tend to procrastinate. I'll order one next week.

Here's a link to the 'cooler and Alex's take on the meeting, as well as his report about know, the guy who effed up the party for 4 years and lost over 75000 republicans to the d's? He's getting an award for "lifetime achievement" or something. Maybe for most fashionable "popped collar" with a manbag? Read it all here:

Happy Friday...Have a pleasant day.


Chris from Springfield said...

Sounds Ken Davis should be receiving the lifetime achievement award from the DEMOCRATIC Party of Lower Merion for handing over the keys and registration to the Democratic Party.

Bill Shaw said...

Ummmmm....Republican Committee of Lower Merion/Narberth. The same people who, in a compromise, endorsed democrats for school board a few years back?

Maybe he already is getting the award from the D's.

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