Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday Afternoon Funnies

I follow this on-line comic strip, "Day by Day" without fail. The artist/author, Chris Muir, keeps the strip seriously topical-to the point that if a story breaks at 6 pm, it's in tomorrow's strip!.

Anyway, I really liked today's strip, so I cut and pasted it to fit, as todays "funnies". You can read the daily strip by clicking on the link below and visiting the site of a Writemarsh! friend, D.B. Light, who has the strip embedded in his blog (where it updates daily):

Light Seeking Light

I wonder if King James the Turd gets the same tingle when Mr. Potato Head walks into a room?


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Anonymous said...

Now, this IS funny:

look at this photo in this post:

another blog has it up, but found it more fitting for you

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