Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Awesome! Weekend Plans

Tomorrow is Father's Day. One of the things I like to do on Father's day is go out for breakfast. Since I am trying to drop about 40 pounds, I think I'll stay home this year and have a home-cooked breakfast. The other thing I like to do is go fishing. Since the opening of bass season usually coincides with Father's day, I try and get out every year.

Which is what I will be doing later this afternoon. I made plans for my 12 year old son, Jesse, and myself to fish with my dad today. We'll be meeting at his weekend retreat ( a trailer in a campground in Chesco) and taking his canoe out from there. He's suggested Hibernia State Park, which I've never fished. Karen and the Princess will be hanging out at the pool with Granny.

We'll fish for a few hours. We'll talk about work (we're both in the printing business), and we'll talk with my son, Jesse, about school and summer. Nothing earth shattering, but, all very important. Why?

My dad is my hero. He's always set a great example for us and, although we'd never admit it when we were younger, he was usually right–about everything. By taking my son, I'm hoping that someday, he'll instill the importance of spending time with his father on Father's day in his own kids.

Anyway, we'll stay for dinner then come home and crash...hard.

Tomorrow, my kids get me all to themselves. I'm thinking a movie, but maybe we'll just go fishing.

Happy Father's Day!


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