Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

I'm sitting here, quietly enjoying the post-breakfast peace of Sunday morning. It is Father's Day, and I get to relax today (yeah, right).

Yesterday, as I posted previously, I spent time with my dad, who will be 69 years old this coming August 2nd. We went fishing, caught our limit of "sunnies" and bluegills (the limit being "I'm tired of catching "sunnies" and bluegills), then went back to the camper to have dinner with Granny and Pappy.

Dinner was grilled chicken, grilled rabbit (thanks to JD), and baked potato. Chicken was juicy, rabbit was delicious, and the baked potato always tastes better from the grill.

We talked about everything but work (a first) and sat, enjoying the night until the rain rolled through. We took our leave then, as the camper isn't big enough to have us all crowd into it at once.

As we drove home through the rain, we marveled at the fantastic light show that only G-d would provide for us. I think that my young-uns became a little less afraid of and a bit more awed by lightning during the ride home.

As I laid in bed this morning, I heard the tell-tale sounds of my family, downstairs making Sunday breakfast. Jesse had wanted to take me out to breakfast, but, as I said in my post yesterday-I'm trying to lose weight and a trip to the buffet would be seriously counter-productive.

Anyway, the sounds of spatulas hitting the pan and the oven door opening and closing brought me out of the post-slumber fog that I seem to be in most mornings...the fog that comes with too little sleep. So I got up.

I went downstairs and sat in "my" chair, as I am wont to do when I am still a bit foggy from sleep. I turned on my laptop and checked email, then to the blogs, all the while, the sounds of breakfast being prepared filling my head. At this point, nobody knew I was up and about.

I could tell what was on the menu by what was coming from the kitchen..."Jes-check to see if we have Crisco...You don't need to stir those constantly...yes, I do, they'll they won' wants gravy, that's don't need to stir those...yes, I do...well, I don't...well, dad does...don't start the eggs until the biscuits are done....I'm not..." and so on. We're having my favorite home-cooked breakfast–eggs, biscuits, grits, bacon, sausage and southern style gravy.

I like to lay down a pile of grits, top them with butter, then lay on the eggs, and top it all with southern style gravy ( made with sausage, butter, flour and milk). So I did.

The biscuits are for sopping up what's left on the plate that will not yield to my fork. Sausage and bacon? You gotta have the meat, right?

But I digress. The family put together a fantastic breakfast for me, bestowed upon me cards and gifts, and now I sit, with no other sound than the hum of our air conditioner, writing this entry for the blog.

As for breakfast, I think I've consumed enough calories and carbs to keep a team of horses nourished for a week. So much for the diet. I'll be leaving in about a half an hour to cash in my Dick's Sporting Goods gift card for some really cool stuff that I absolutely cannot live without, and I'll come home happy to know that my family still thinks I'm king, at least for today.

Life doesn't suck at all.

Happy Father's day!

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