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June 18, 2008 -- Montgomery County Republican Committee (MCRC) Chairman Robert J. Kerns today announced the appointees to the organization’s Executive Committee.

“With a renewed sense of vigor and excitement about our organization instilled in the committee, I wanted to engage the more than 700 committee members in the process of forming the Executive Committee. Each committee member votes to elect their own Area Leader. The fifteen Area Leaders selected by the committee members are automatic members of the Executive Committee for the first time ever.” Kerns said.

This is a departure from past practices, where a chairman selected the group of a size and membership of his choosing. “In the past you could just make it up as you went along, I’m trying to ensure everyone’s voice is heard so we can make decisions and present them as a united party focused on delivering ethical, fiscally responsible government in this county.” Kerns said.

“In a diverse party there is room for all views. By investing the committee members in the selection process, there is a greater likelihood that all views will be heard as we select candidates, take positions and grow our organization. I promised a “bottom up” approach to decision making instead of everything coming from the top down. This is part of that new approach to leadership in the party.” Kerns said.

In addition to Kerns, who chairs the Executive Committee, the organizations Vice Chair, Pottstown Mayor Sharon Thomas and the MCRC treasurer, Dr. Robert Griffith, are automatic members.

Kerns selected five individuals from regions around the county to serve on the committee in addition to the Area Leaders and MCRC officers.

“I am confident that the Executive Committee will provide sound leadership for our party with a vision for making Montgomery County an even better place to live.” Kerns concluded.

Click on the link to see the full membership of the Executive Committee:

Montgomery County Republican Committee Executive Committee Members

MCRC Officers
Robert J. Kerns – Chairman (Upper Gwynedd)
Mayor Sharon Thomas – Vice Chair (Pottstown)
Dr. Robert Griffith – Treasurer (Abington)

Area Leaders
Charles Garner (Area 1 Leader) (Gilbertsville)
Gail Yoder (Area 2 Leader) (Pottstown)
Hon. Robert Godshall (Area 3 Leader) (Souderton)
Douglas Hager (Area 4 Leader) (Lower Providence)
Robert Sander (Area 5 Leader) (West Conshohocken)
Nicholas Salamone (Area 6 Leader) (Plymouth Township)
Tracey Specter (Area 7 Leader) (Lower Merion)
Hon. John Fichter (Area 8 Leader) (East Norriton)
Marie Cavanaugh (Area 9 Leader) (North Wales)
Albert DeGennaro (Area 10 Leader) (Whitpain)
Todd Stephens (Area 11 Leader) (Horsham)
Hon. Jon D. Fox (Area 12 Leader) (Abington)
Robert Gerhard (Area 13 Leader) (Cheltenham)
Charles King (Area 14 Leader) (Springfield)
John Armstrong (Area 15 Leader) (Upper Dublin)

Chairman’s Appointments:
Jennifer Brown, Lower Merion Township Commissioner
Vahan Gureghian, MCRC Finance Chairman (Lower Merion)
Brian Miles, Whitpain Township Municipal Leader
Robert Montemayor, Upper Merion Township (Former Area Leader)
Marcy Toepel, Douglass Township Municipal Leader

Contact: Robert J. Kerns 610-279-9300

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