Friday, January 30, 2009

Weight Loss, Week 3

I'd really like to say that I've done a great job this week by losing 6 lbs. Really, I would.

Reality is, I lost 6 lbs because I contracted a mild case of food poisoning on Wednesday morning and am just now feeling well enough to eat real food. I've eaten (in the last 2 days) 1.5 bananas, 2 pcs. of dry toast, and 2 cups of chicken (bullion) broth with rice.

I've whittled the food poisoning down to one of two culprits: the ham (luncheon meat) that we got on Monday or the Progresso soup that I ate Tuesday for lunch. (I snuck a piece of ham and cheese for a snack on Tuesday night after dinner)

I expect a bounce-back of at least 3 of those lbs before the weekend is over, as Scraps and I are going camping with the Boy Scouts. I always seem to overeat at the Klondike Derby, and will probably with year, as I am making the best damned vegetable soup you've never tasted for the trip.

Yes, I'm making my Grandmom's vegetable soup, with my addition of barley (Grandmom never put barley in her vegetable soup, but I like beef barley soup, so....).

I'm sure that if I eat the veggie soup and leave the chili and hot dogs alone, I'll be ok. The only problem I may have is that the soup is so good, I may run out and have to eat the other stuff as well. C'est la vie.

Anyway, I plan on making the soup again next week, as Scraps and I love the stuff and can live on it and crusty french bread with butter (spray) all winter long. It really is that good.

Wish me luck for the upcoming week. I don't plan on dwelling on any gain back this week, as I said, I lost too much this week due to my illness. Heres to a lb or two next week and an even keel until I reach my goal.


And here is the rest of it.

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Steve said...

I had some bad food poisoning once due to some cheese that had sat out in a room for a full day.
Day Quill works really well bringing up the bad stuff so you can recover fast.

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