Sunday, January 25, 2009

One Year Anniversary

Today is the one year anniversary of "writemarsh!".

A lot has happened in that time. I"ve posted 637 entries and my blog has grown from a few visitors a day to hundreds a week. I've received the esteemed honor of becoming a contributing member of the crew. I've been on TV (for a few seconds, on August 29th, 2008) and I've become sort of a hero/anti-hero of the "Jim Matthews is a Big, Fat, Liar" movement here in Montgomery County.

I've received over 30,000 hits in the year that I've been blogging, by over 21,700 visitors (some of the 30,000 were return hits on the same day). I've been rated as the 5th most influential political blog in PA, and as high as #3 rated conservative blog in PA.

I've posted unpopular ideas, funny stories, personal anecdotes, I've flamed politicians in our area that I feel have let us down (I won't mention names, but his initials are "Jim Matthews"), and I've sang the praises of not so popular and popular political figures (the most well known being Sarah!).

I've shared some personal triumphs, tragedies, and regaled in the successes of my friends and family. I've even posted a guest column or two by my dad.

I've been transparently honest in my posting. I've retracted things where the facts were later found to be erroneous. I've apologized when I've purposely or inadvertently made statements that I shouldn't have. And, I've removed posts when I've been too harsh and had second thoughts about the decision to post them.

I've not been perfect, but, ever the pragmatist, I've tried to make sure that what I posted was the very best I've had to offer.

I've enjoyed notoriety and a bit of local fame for having the "cogliones" to speak my mind in an ever-judgmental political atmosphere. And, of course, I've enjoyed every minute of it.

But, I wouldn't have anything that this blog has afforded me, if not for you, the readers. I am truly humbled, and I thank you. It's been a great year.

So, what's in store for the year to come? Of course, I'll be flaming Obama every chance I get. I'll be roasting "Lame Duck" Rendell, I'll be looking for interesting stories and I'll be regaling you with personal anecdotes, trials, tribulations, successes and failures throughout the coming year.

I'll be covering the upcoming senate races, gubernatorial races, the thousands of folks running for Lt. Governor, and countless other political goings-on.

And, 637 posts later, I'll still be watching and commenting on the main reason that writemarsh! came to be in the first place...the anti-hero of this ongoing saga of Montgomeryshire...the very reason I began to write this page a year ago today...King James the Turd, James Rex, KJIII, El Rey Jaime la Tercera, Jimbo...county commissioner, Jim Matthews.

Thank you again for your support. To once again quote libtard comedienne(?) Sara Bernhard, "without you, I'm nothing."



Roslyn Resident said...

Congrats on anniversary. Allow me to reiterate my September 2008 comment:

I'm not a blogger.
I don't like bloggers.
I'm not an activist.
I think most activists are misguided.
I am a Republican.
But I am a Social Liberal.

I guess that I am part of the 90% that hate neither Fox News or MSNBC.

That being said, I really enjoy reading your blog. Your Sightings Series is a great blend of humor, local reporting and strategic influence. Your other entries ring of honesty and personal experience.

If your goal is to infuence the masses rather than preach to the choir, you've hit your mark.

Keep writing.

Anonymous said...

All the people running for Lt. Gov.? Could that have anything to do with a certain candyman and a traitorous commissioner frothing a the mouth over the pssibility that Bruce Castor might run? The ABC coalition (Anybody But Castor). Typical of those two, but funny to watch them rush around while Castor sits back and laughs at them. Personally, I think Castor has no intention of running for Lt. Gov. He just wants to watch the Turd and the Candyman look foolish. My guess is that Castor really wants to lead the charge to take the Montco Courthouse back from the Dems, but beating the snot out of Matthews in a primary. That will be fun to see. I've attended the Judge dog and pony shows. Nearly every candidate finds a way to mention Castor in their remarks. Not a soul mentions Matthews. Nobody wants to risk "The Matthews Effect." Thanks for a great blog, Bill.

Lisa said...

Bill, I thought I'd take time out from sitting in the brillaint sunshine and 80 degree weather here in Florida to congratulate you on your one year anniversary--it looks like we started blogging exactly one week apary (great minds and all that....)

Anyway, I hope you appreciate the sun time I'm missing to post this. Now where are my sunglasses....?

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