Sunday, January 11, 2009

And So It Begins

I've decided to take control of my life.

Not that I've been completely out of control, mind you, but it's time to get healthy.

Now, I know that back in October I had that issue, yadda, yadda, but that checked out ok and I got lazy. Then I got "downsized" from my job and have been kind of lazy about just about everything.

So, I'm taking control.

I've joined (a week late) with fellow blogger, Lisa Mossie, (Bluftooni) to start a program called "Gyminee". Here's how it works:

You set goals, you create a program for yourself, and you get support from your friends who follow along with the program. They add moral support and advice, and, trust me, it's a big help.

Losing weight and getting healthy is sometimes a very lonely thing. It's tough being the only person trying to lose weight in a family.

For example, I live with three other people, my wife, my 13 year old son and my eight year old daughter. We all try to eat the same foods, but it doesn't always work out daughter is very picky, my son will try to make you miss the fact that he didn't have his veggies, while reaching for a second helping of mashed potatoes. I eat a matter of fact, I eat a lot of everything. My wife eats most of what I prepare, but, if we want to get healthier, we all have to make some changes. I, personally, need to get regimented.

In order for me to become regimented in my habits, I'll actually have to try to regiment the whole family.

I've found over the years (I've struggled with my weight for most of my adult life) that when I was alone, I did better. It's easier to change one person's habits than to change four.

I don't have any set plan, as I think what needs to be done has to be done gradually. I can't waltz in tomorrow and say "this is what we're doing, get used to it". I won't do that to the kids.

Tomorrow, we're sitting down and getting our heads together. We'll make lists, go over them once or twice, figure out what everyone likes, what they dislike, and what we can compromise on. I'll make menu's, control portions, and prepare meals that taste great and are healthier than I used to serve.

The kids lunches will become healthier, too. No more of the salty, crunchy's for snacks. They can eat all of the crunchy's they want, as long as they're apples, carrots, celery, etc. They actually like that stuff, we just have been lax in keeping the fridge stocked with them.

So, tomorrow is a new beginning. Wish us luck.



TheBitterAmerican said...

I guess I'm next,...

Lisa said...

Hey Bill,

Sorry I missed your post--it's been a very very tough couple of days--but I'm glad to see you taking up the challenge!

Good luck. And you're absolutely right--it's about taking control.

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