Tuesday, January 20, 2009

H/T to Tony Phyrillas

I'm running this post by Tony in it's entirety. It's a great read, and brings a few things to light about the media and their treatment of democrats compared to their treatment of Republicans. Enjoy:

Just how smart is Obama?

Jason A. Trommetter, a libertarian blogger from the Harrisburg area, wonders why the mainstream media takes everything Barack Obama says at face value and doesn't question his qualifications or ability to handle the job he will inherit in just a few days.

"The media elite think George W. Bush is dumb as a tack, Dick Cheney was the brains of the operation for the last 8 years," Trommetter writes about the double standard imposed by the liberal media. "They view their Messiah, Barack Obama, as a genius without demanding any proof of how smart he is."

Think about it. What has been the consensus of the intelligence of some of our recent presidents from the mainstream medial perspective? Gerald Ford, Republican, was dumb. Jimmy Carter, Democrat was smart. Bill Clinton was really smart. George W. Bush is a moron.

As Trommetter points out in his blog post, Bush released his college transcripts showing he was an excellent student. What about Obama? What do we know about his academic performance? Nothing. He won't share that with us and the lap dog liberal media won't ask. (Bush even had better grades than Al Gore and John Kerry, the intellectual giants the Democrats ran against W. in 2000 and 2004.)

Trommetter also compares Bush leadership skills (and John McCain's) against Obama's and finds "The Chosen One" lacking in that area, too.

Trommetter ends his post with some pointed questions to the Obama-maniacs:
1) You've demanded that Republican candidates release their college transcripts to prove how smart they are. Why haven't you demanded to see Obama's college transcripts?

2) Obama has not shown me any leadership qualities. He gives a good speech, but that doesn't make him a leader. Why do you think he's qualified to lead?

Read the full post, "Double Standard" at New Trommetter Times blog.

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