Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'm So Proud (sniff)

On Friday, my father called me. He wrote a letter to the editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer and wanted me to see it. He sent it to me in an email.

I moseyed on over to my laptop and called up my email. Dad's letter was quite good, touching on a subject that was brought to my attention from another blog, on the previous day...the hijacking of funds from the DRPA to pay for a Fast Eddie pet project that could wait until we're out of our budget crisis. Dad's letter:

I read the paper today, and was appalled. The Delaware river port authority has approved donating $11 million to non- transportation projects. They just raised the tolls this year from $3 to$4, because they needed the money for repairs and maintenance, now all of a sudden they have $11 million to donate.

I feel victimized , taken advantage of, and whatever adjective describes their behavior. If they have enough money to give away, then they should lower the tolls back down to $3 or even $2.

If you have driven under the Ben Franklin bridge, and have seen the peeling paint and rust, then you know these funds should go to the upkeep of the bridges and not to governor Rendells pet projects ! After being reprimanded for contributing to the soccer stadium in Chester, you'd think they would know better.

Who oversees the DRPA? Evidently NO ONE!!!!! Bill Shaw
I read this as dad was on the phone, sniping and grousing about having written several letters to the Inky and never having one of them published. He said to me (and I'm so proud...sniff), "I need a blog!".

"I need a blog". "Can you set me up and teach me how to use it?" My response was "uhhhh...sure,'ll have to pick a name". Without hesitation, he said "Filthy-Delphia, but with a 'Ph'."

Dad will probably start blogging sometime this week. I'm going to add him to my blogroll, and feature some of his posts here at "writemarsh!".

Dad is just another pissed off voter, with a lot to say and nobody to say it to. I can't wait for post number one. If it's anything like his letter, he'll do just fine.

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