Monday, January 25, 2010

The Race to Represent the 147th Legislative District.

There is a race for the seat left vacant by Senator Bob Mensch...and it's heating up to be a three-way race. Ken Fody, Nicholas Fountain and now Marcy Toepel.

Far be it for me to let's talk about the Matthews Candidate...

Ken Fody hosted an event with former Senator Rick Santorum last week. Committee members were surprised to see censured Montco Commissioner Jim Matthews in attendance as the event was by invitation only and was not a fundraiser.

Fody has been heard boasting that not only did his "friend" Matthews attend but he made a contribution to Fody's campaign.

Fody's opponent, Marcy Toepel, was on the GOP ticket with Jimbo in 2007. Matthews diverted $300,000 from the 2007 team campaign to his own separatist campaign for Commissioner. The result of his treachery? Toepel and four other row office candidates narrowly lost their election as a result.

Toepel, at the time the Deputy Clerk of Courts, was then hired by another department in the county. Matthews tried to block that hire at the time. (click here for the Times Herald story)

Republicans were so incensed by Matthews move that one prominent GOP attorney publicly switched parties in protest. (Click here for Times Herald report)

Committee members will vote tomorrow night. It will be interesting to see if Matthews choice emerges as the candidate, or suffers the dreaded "Matthews Effect".

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