Wednesday, January 13, 2010

CBIZ-Pay to Play? Say It Isn't So, Jimbo!!!

From the Times Herald:

COURTHOUSE — Thus far, Montgomery County officials have been unable to provide proof that the commissioners authorized CBIZ to act on the county’s behalf to solicit health insurance plans; however, the county is still searching through its storage vaults for records, according to a letter that accompanied documents received from a December open records request by The Times Herald.

On Dec. 22, The Times Herald asked for all memoranda, e-mail or other correspondence between the county and CBIZ in 2009, as well as any contracts, agreements and government resolutions that would show how the consultant came to represent the county over the past decade or more.

Five days later, The Times Herald received 91 pages that included e-mail messages, letters, a 2010 employee benefits renewal proposal for Montgomery County, a service agreement for a health-savings account and a “historical overview” of the county’s health plans.

But nothing so far answers the lingering questions over the county’s relationship with CBIZ, contractual or otherwise.
read the entire article here.

Nobody knows who authorized CBIZ, yet they give Jimbo over 28k in campaign contributions? The answer is obvious, ManBearPig, of course!


Anonymous said...

The tip of the iceberg with King Jimbo, the Turd. The house of cards will fall on him revealing that pay to play is his mantra, not an isolated occurance.

Anonymous said...

They have nothing! There is no pay to play and the emails Castor had pulled proves it. So you got nothing !

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