Tuesday, January 26, 2010

***Update*** The 147th Endorsement.

Apparently, Ken Fody's good friend, Jim Matthews, gave Fody more than a check...he also gave him a place on the Writemarsh Wall of Shame as the latest victim of the dreaded "Matthews Effect".

Marcy Toepel was endorsed and nominated at tonight's gathering and garnered 58.7% of the vote, winning 27 votes to 19.

Note to Ken Fody...How's that fat check from your buddy Jimbo working for you now?

Congratulations, Marcy. On to the State House!

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Anonymous said...

Note to Bob Mensch: you got your seat because you were the Asher/Matthews candidate, and Asher can still control committee votes outside Montco. Inside Montco elections are won by Bob Kerns and Bruce Castor. You are not a player here, yet. You are a tool in the perpetual battle with Asher and his toad Matthews. If you want to become a player in Montco, you need to switch sides. Remember this well: in a primary election against Castor, you will lose. Best not to call too much attention to yourself at the moment. Friendly advice.

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