Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You Vill Sign Zee Contrrrract Or Eeet Von't Be Preeeeetty!

Jimbo brings a whole new attitude to the County for the New what I say or else.

County employees are rejecting the new Flex benefit plan that Matthews has been trying to spoon feed them for months now. Whatever their personal problem with the FLEX program is, in the end, it's the employees choice as to which program they want to pay for.

The problem is, although the FLEX premiums are lower, the copays and the costs of the plan, if you actually get sick are tremendously high.
And forget it if you have some pre-existing're pretty much S.O.L. on the Matthews Flex plan.

But JimTurd is pressing on...he's actually ridiculing people if they do not sign up for his program.

"This is ridiculous, delirious," said Matthews. (of the county employees decision to exercise their personal CHOICE to keep their existing insurance)
Matthews is also threatening the department heads into forcing these same employees to sign up for his FLEX plan:
Department heads with the largest number of employees still enrolled in the HMO or Personal Choice plans "will have to personally answer to me and it won't be pretty," vowed Matthews
So now, Chairman JimTurd not only wants to give you no choice, he vows to threaten your boss for not making you comply?

To add insult to injury, Jimbo is now acting as chief financial advisor to the thousands of county employees who will be "choosing" their healthcare package between now and the newly extended date of February 15th...

“That makes no mathematical sense,” he said. “I’m not going to stand for it.”
King James is not going to stand for you making your own decision about how to spend your own money?

And he is calling the County employees delirious?

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