Monday, May 4, 2009

Sightings: XXV

For our twenty-fifth sighting, we have a little surprise...three sightings in 2 weeks!

Lower Providence GOP Fundraiser two Fridays ago
Lower Gwynedd GOP fundraiser
East Norriton GOP fundraiser on Sunday

At the Lower Gwynedd fundraiser The Turd was asked by Whitpain Committeewoman Christine Fisher when he'd be following Arlen to the Democratic Party.

He didn't answer.

Later in the same conversation
KJIII proclaimed "Toomey will not get 25% of the vote against Specter". Fisher, a Toomey supporter, and JimTurd shook on a $25 bet that Toomey would get more than 25% of the vote in an election against Specter.

Jim Matthews: Betting against Republican candidates.

I'll go you one further Jimbo. Writemarsh bets you $25 that if Toomey is our candidate he gets more votes then you did on your Lt. Governor campaign Swann/Matthews against Rendell/Knoll.

But, since the "incident" last year, we'll not shake on it, for obvious reasons.

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Anonymous said...


Not to defend anyone...but if we all look at this with a clear mind...Toomey may have trouble winning. Many Republican are upset with him working against fellow Republicans and that can be a big problem for him. Sure he is conservative but he has not been in office for a while and some think he is too extreme and MEAN to other Republican. You know what happen when Republican are not nice to other Republicans. GOPGAL

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